Meet The Team

Senior Pastor

Worship Arts Director

Reid Olson

Lead Pastor

Pastor Reid has served as Lead Pastor at Crossroads, since December, 2011. After 23 years of youth ministry experience as a Pastor to Students & Families in California, Illinois & Washington. God called them to Colorado in December of 2011. Reid was raised as a missionary kid as his parents flew for Mission Aviation Fellowship. He grew up in Ecuador, Costa Rica, Guadalajara, Mexico City, Ethiopia Africa, Alaska, Canada and Southern CA. He has a passion for reaching people with the saving gospel of Jesus Christ and teaches them to disciple others. 


Reid and his wife, Kris have been married since 1993 and have 2 kids in college. He holds degrees from Biola University, Talbot Seminary and North Park Theological Seminary.

Pastor Laurette Hoagland

Children & Family Pastor

Laurette & Bob have been with Crossroads Church of Greeley since 2017. She has served in San Diego, CA as Pastor of Children & Families and felt God's calling to move back to Greeley. They have served on mission in Malawi, Africa where God gave her miracles of His faithfulness over and over again. With a focus on biblically centered teaching, Pastor Laurette is thrilled to engage kids in God's Word & prayer in practical application for every day living with God.

Laurette has recently resigned from our staff at Crossroads, due to budget cuts and we are no longer able to sustain a children's ministry without her. If you know of someone with the skills and heart for Kid's Ministry, we'd love to have a conversation. 

Please email the church at 

Tiana Schwartz

Worship Arts Director

Tiana joined our Crossroads team as Worship Arts Director in December 2018. She grew up in Greeley. Tiana has been studying Music Education at University of Northern Colorado since 2016. Tiana's strength is tending to the leading of the Holy Spirit in worship as she leads the body of Christ. Tiana's goals for this position are to build a new generation of worshippers through youth and young people. She is eager to recruit ambitious musicians who are willing to share their gifts and talents. Tiana has a love for missions and desires to see the heart of God shared around the world.

Alf Gallegos

Youth Minister


Alf and his wife, Helen, together with their daughter, Isabelle, have been serving with Crossroads Greeley since 2014. He cares for and ministers to our youth program; Middle & High School. Alf has more energy than all of us, combined. He loves Jesus and teaches confirmation classes to our students when he's not taking them on events.

Meet The Team

Leadership Team

Dave Wells

Leadership Team

Chair Person

Dave & Char Wells help plant Crossroads Church in Greeley in 2008. As a founding charter member, Dave is one of the few who really knows what's going on around here.

Johnny Perdue

Leadership Team Member

Johnny and his wife, Frankie, have been attending First Baptist Church since the 1970's. Johnny & Frankie came into membership in 2015 with Crossroads Evangelical Covenant, and now Johnny serves on the board to guide and direct our ministry teams.

Sharon Reynolds

Leadership Team Member & 

Hospital Visitation

Sharon & Steve have attended Crossroads since 2014. With a counseling background and personal gifts in restoring furniture, Sharon specializes in restoring the heart of people. She served as therapist in Utah for over 20 years, and now on Leadership Team, she works to restore people to their God given potential here.

Bob Smith

Leadership Team Member

& Church Treasurer

Bob and Marilyn make every weekend service wonderful along with the treats they provide. Bob keeps track of church finances.

Dave Williamson

Leadership Team Member

Dave served on leadership team once before, and has been elected to serve again with Crossroads Church. Dave is married to Sherry, and they helped plant the church 10 years ago. Dave has seen the many transitions of the church and wants to help us grow and become all that God has called us to be as a church.

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